where does the time go

still amazes me how fast time flies. this week was good. i had the pleasure of staying in baltimore for two days on federal hill. the place i stayed was right across the street from the science museum and the harbor. so when I walked out side on the deck, the whole harbor was right in front of me. amazing view. i attended a seminar at CVCEast for a vet neurologist i work with, who is in the process of opening a stand alone clinic in towson and annapolis. he says he has big plans and I told him he has to make me legitimate soon. great guy to work with, only one better and that was my old boss David. Jay knows what he wants and goes after it and is a great, great vet!! he was my vet neurologist 6 years ago with my boy Bailey. I look forward to the day when i get to work with him daily and not just via email and our bi-weekly chance meetings. i look forward to letting go of my mgmt position at the Loft and just doing one or two days a week there. I know many people folks have told me be careful what you wish for, but I do believe it is my time for good fortune and a good job.

A few disease complaints (i know, where would I be with out it)-- my leg is getting worse, my pain meds were upped this week and I think i will have to go back on some TNF blocker and not go with out like they hoped. I just have TOOO many joint issues that have not been present for a LONG time. I am tired of wearing LIDOCAINE patches on my wrist to work everyday and limping all evening. i am so glad i have vicodin.. .it does help when needed.

Soccer is in full swing and it is so good to see the girls again, a few new and A LOT old. I don't miss the old assistant coach and love the fact that we have a volunteer trainer helping out with the girls. it has made a difference. they really like the fact that he is only 19 and remember that it is a all girl soccer team (ages 10-13).

my boys make me smile everyday-- they are finally maturing and understanding their place, though one SLOWER then the other, but we are finally agreeing on how things are to be done. and well, mike helps me with them some of the time :)

well that is it, except I had my first weekend off in I don't know how long and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed every minute and wish i could do it more often.