Man, I have been beat up

by this lupus shit. The fatigue lately has been crippling. Very little movement and a lot of pain. I am trying very hard not to cry all the time from the fatigue and the pain. It seems no amount of sleep can refresh me from this drugged out feeling. On top of that the pollen in MD has been so bad I can't stop sneezing.

I can only manage to go to work on my days on and my days off I can only make it to the couch. Tough week. I am hoping this is a minor blip on the screen and that it will pass. I have my list for the doctors and only hope he does not think I am insane... which I am not.

I have a soccer game today for the girl and it is taking me every ounce of my strength to consider dressing... how sad is that. I can't even muster the energy to get dressed. I am sure that I am so angry at this disease that is is also sapping what little energy I have left. As I sit here and type, I have my eyes closed hoping that this will pass and it is all a dream. Or a nightmare.

I am just beginning some volunteer work for http://bucklemeupmovement.com/ -- I am excited!! Check it out.. we need some more lupus or RA blog leaders!!