soccer and all sorts of stuff

so the girls were undefeated until last weekend... well at least that makes up our mind to attend a tourney in OC in June. if we were undefeated all season, we would have passed cause we would have had to forfeit the last game.

I am doing ok. fatigue is getting better. i finally started back on humira and i think that has made a huge difference. i am bumping up the vitamin d -- 2,000 iu is not cutting it. going up to 5000 a day for now. we will see. pain has gotten more manageable (what ever the hell that means). I am putting sure folks that don't deal with what we go through on a daily basis would be crying constantly. we learn to tolerate so much with these diseases -- auto immune. no cure, no real break through in medications in like forever and yet we learn how to manage. we rely on others. we ask others how they manage and we take their suggestions and see which works best. it would be lovely if we could pop pain killers all the time but i don't think society can handle that... high as shit all the time and working and driving. my swelling has going down a bit. still don't drink water ( i really hate that shit)-- so I am strictly a mountain dew girl. god if my doctor actually knew that i think he would slam my ass in the hospital.

the girl and hubby went to a dc united game and i am home cooling in AC and doing some cleaning... fun.
Game tomorrow @130 tomorrow... WISH ASA FREEDOM good luck!!