A chip in the surface

Well i finally got some of my results back and it seems I have made some head way with my severe Vitamin D deficiency--but the thing that cracked me up is that the nurse wrote on the results _ doable -- get some sun. Um, hello, I have lupus and can't go in the sun. could you take a minute and read my file before you offer advice. Thanks

I am a little irritated that she did not run my normal labs -- with my ANA -- so that means I will request that when I go back. Also a new abnormality showed up -- my glucose was elevated. What the hell is that about? I guess I will wait and see in a few weeks.

I had a few rough days -- very tired and sore. My legs, knees, arms and feet all very painful. I had to work 6 days in a row which does not help me at all. I have also learned not to work more then 6 hours at a time (my job requires me to be on my feet all the time) or I will suffer. And I am now. My other gig requires me to work on the computer and to become stiff -- go figure. Shit, no win.

I was craving wine the other day and did not get any.. made me sad (random thought I know)

My daughter is back home after being gone for a week and I am glad to have her back at home. She has done well lately -- honor roll, NJHS, winning her first soccer game and helping me more.

My lovely husband just came back from grocery shopping and even got me a movie. love love love that man. even though he forgot my wine :)