Well I finally went

back to the doctors and it went pretty good considering. They thought I had developed a dvt and i was a little nervous, but after a quick sonogram, all that was put to rest. It seems that my lupus is making a return appearance from it's rest. The issue with my skin is the lupus and the pain in my legs is lupus. So they wanted to give me a mega dose of MTX and do a bunch of labs, which was good because it has been a while and I really wanted to know (out of all things) my Vitamin D level - it has been so low and I wanted to see if I made any progress. They did find protein in my urine which we all know what that indicates :( But I am going to hold out for all my blood work before I get myself depressed -- again.
I think when I go back we will decide if I will stay on Humira or maybe move onto something else. I am hesitant because in my mind it has work, but I am not so sure if it helping all the lovely lupus stuff.
So that it as far as an update... i feel good that I went and I can check that off my list. Stay tune for the results.. it could get ugly!!