who would ever thought that little word could be so devastating. i have struggled with this symptom for many years, some days much better then others. i try many things to combat it from folic acid and vitamins to the not so conventional use of mountain dew. it is very hard not to get sucked into the fatigue. there are days where i can literally sleep on and off all day and night and feel like i am dying. there are days where i can forget that i am even bothered with it. but those days where it sucks me in, it kills my spirit, my will and my wants. nothing can be done to push those days away. i have NO choice but to give in. this makes me incrediably sad and hurt.

i just feel like giving in on those days and it is hard to convince myself otherwise. it's rough, debilitating and chronic. it is hard to convey what it feels like or even compare it to something.

i am tired... plain and simple.