i feel good

but my daughter on the other hand is not. she is already over 6th grade. the past two days have been very emotional, so much so that she can't even put in to words. the only thing i get is that it is too much.

with that i say: Can I got back to that time? well, not the 6th grade. in terms of school, that was the worst time in my life. i got really sick and missed over 6 weeks of school and the doctors thought (yes people, I have had my share) I had leukemia. well it turned out to be a really bad case of mono. talk about crappy year. any way, it does break my heart as a mom to hear that, but the former student in me says -- buck up little camper, this is the easy part. so as a mom and a former student, I have to find the medium. I have told her to talk to me and let me know what I can do to make it better. no luck. this is a hard ass age. hormones all out of whack.

soccer season has begun and man this stuff keeps me busy. the coaches and everyone else has a good time while i do all the paperwork, the uniforms, the sponsorhips, the shedules, the emails, the snacks... oy!!

well my health seems to be coasting. minor little hiccups here and there, but no major flares. amen, lupus is a tricky disease and stress can send it into overdrive. don't need that....

i really wish folks would get off their ass and find a new treatment...