Can you believe it?

the first day of school for my girl -- well middle school that is!
She also started riding the bus for the first time. and here is the exciting part, two of her classes she will be blogging. i almost feel like she is an expert of this because of me and starting out blogging almost 5 years ago. she followed the blog because it was mostly about her and life with hannah. i am excited for her. and well, maybe a little for me as well. another avenue for me to go on and on about. ha. she has a full schedule, a couple advanced classes and a few regular. now let's not forget her electives. my confusion is how she got percussion and did not pick that. bleck!

i have decided to keep forging on ward in my new career. i am going for co-manager. this is my new goal for the next few months. i need to keep my head down and focused. but i am pretty sure i can do it.