some comfort

whew, what a rough few days. my legs have been feeling like lead and very painful and hot. i have done my best to push through it and continue thru my every day routine, including working. I had to change and work early yesterday and was sooooo happy to have the rest of the day with my family and today as well.

the comfort is not letting this minor flare ups get to me and still live each minute and do every day things like cutting the grass, weeding the garden, grocery shop and laundry. yes, they are very routine for most folks but very hard for me to do on a regular basis. but i refused to give in yesterday and did all that and worked a shift. amen.

another comfort of mine is football. i am sooo glad that it has started up again. i was very jealous this week when my husband attended the ravens/redskins game and i did not. any live football game is such a treat. hopefully we will be attending some redskins games this year as part of the fundraising job for our soccer team. yes, we get to work games and earn money for our team. and just to stress to you again, the best part is we get to see a live football game.

the girl starts school in one week. this year she is in middle school and she will be taking the bus. wow, changes. we just picked up her MSA school and she did extremely well!! but then again she always does well.

and finally soccer -- i began my duties as team manager and created a group on google for all the parents so the communication piece will be easier this time. the hardest part about the beg. of a season is the chaos about new players -- and the league not having the best organizational skills. but it will all work out. we only have two players that are questionable and if they choose not to play, we have three other girls that would like to join the team.

ah, yes and finally the boys. they are doing great. diesel was sick a few weeks ago and had to have iv subq and lots of meds. he even had chicken and rice for about 5 days for every meal. that was a chore to ensure there was enough rice and chicken for his normal meal. I had to cook 10 chicken breasts and about 6 cups of rice. but he is all better now. ripley is doing well. big as every and still very talkative. if he does not like something, he will let you know. he and zoe love to beat the crap out of each other. i still can't believe zoe will be 9 in a few months. she is very cranky and very bitter, but we love her contrary to the constant complaining about her yapping and attacking my boys. diesel will turn 4 on sept 1st and ripley will be 3 in early november.

oh, my meds are still working (most of the time) and still am hopeful that this continue to get better.