positive days

i have had some really good days lately. i never have days where there is no pain or some issues, but at least i can do some simple every day things. that makes me really excited!! opening soda bottles, putting on makeup and getting up without much help are just a few things that have come easier for me lately. that's a good sign right?

i need to get back to the doctors soon, it has been 3 mos since i last saw him. well that is mostly because i did not have insurance, but that all has been resolved. THANK GOODNESS. i tried my first gluten free potato chips yesterday and it was fab!!!

i started some more work with the neuro vet - working on newsletter, survey and some web stuff. i have enjoyed it tremendously. i just realized i never looked into something for him. WHOOPS.

i have a full schedule this week - work, consulting and catching up. hopefully my body will hold out to make it a good one.

maybe my lupus and ra are finally in check for a bit?