it's been a minute

since i been in the mood to post. i have felt good, knock on wood. i have learned to live with the usual pains of my diseases. better yet, i am learning to manage them. it feels good. scratch that, it feels amazing. i am slowly regaining control over this time in my life and the diseases. who would have ever thought i would -- i surely did not.

work is work, i enjoy doing it and want more of what I used to do -- web work. that too will come with time.

the girl is gone on vacation for while, so hopefully i can get some other things done. the dogs will get tons of kisses and hugs from me since i don't have the girl.

above is a picture of the puppies and momma (those who made it) that i tweeted about a few weeks ago. piggy, whiny and Micheal are all doing well (those are the names that stuck and they are all girls). cheers!

here's to better days ahead!