ahh jeez

so i did not start my week off well, i could not take my scheduled injections b/c i was not feeling well and i did not want to risk it so i think i am going to shoot for today. the pain behind my knees are doing much better. i am having issues with my hands -- grasping and opening items. sad-- 38 years old and have issues of a much older person.

still no real luck with the job of my dreams, but still working to prove i can do it. that i can still hang with the best of them. i must keep this positive attitude to maintain my disease otherwise it all crumbles.

we have had "visitors" in the yard the past couple of weeks, several that are fine and one that caused me major distress. you guessed it a snake was taking up residence in our side yard and flower bed and no matter how much we bothered it, that damn snake kept coming back. finally my fab husband caught it and took it to the woods. i am pretty sure he will be back, he was loving life up here and the dogs did not scare him off. I HATE SNAKES. god help him if i get a hold of him.

the girl is still away enjoying her vacation!!! i miss her tremendously and so does her daddy. the puppies are pretty lonely without her pestering as well. i visited with my mom today and that was nice and I went swimming last week and that was LOVELY.

well there is my update for now.. no new news on the lupus or ra front, still hanging!