weekend over

and it was a nice one!! a little too hot for this time of year, but a good one. it was nice to forget the worries of not working and focus on home and family. the girl went to a craft festival with her grandparents and her friend brandon while mike and i did some yard work and hung out together. the draft was on so it was hard to get mike's attention for long.

we finally had soccer yesterday and the girls did good for not having practice for three weeks. the heat was a factor. we had one girl overheat and go home, one hurt her ankle and was out and a few just got tired way to fast. we did a lot of subbing to keep them hydrated. thank god someone bought rita's italian ice -- it helped cool the girls off. they lost the game 2-1. they played hard in the first half but died off in the second.

practice today will be interesting -- still hot and muggy. i am up early and did not sleep very well. kept on having a sharp pain in my thigh.

happy monday!