subtle reminders

on days i feel good, i am always subtly reminded that I have lupus, ra, reynaud's and other lovely autoimmune diseases -- just so I don't get confused and think i am healthy. sunday rendered my left leg useless, which i did not know until i tried to walk and i fell. kinda funny -- all i could do was laugh. it is just my disease letting me know it is still alive and kicking. yesterday was a treat because i felt like pins and needles were attacking my arms and legs all day long. i have to admit that is the freakiest feeling ever. not sure what that is about but eventually they will figure it out.

days like this make me laugh, not cry. i try so hard to get myself together and feeling ok and then these subtle reminders put me in my place and say "yeah, you may feel good, but we are still invading your body!" these subtle reminders i can deal with and will deal with. what else are you suppose to do? you gotta give lupus credit, it does not discriminate on any one body part, it goes after them all. lovely!!