Finally - I can move

the fall the other night took me for a loop! Whew. heating pads and hot baths helps, along with pain medication. i feel good today. a little optimism has crept back in and as long as i keep telling myself things will get better, i will believe it.

i went and visited with my mom yesterday. nice to see her and so grateful for her help. it looks like we will have soccer this weekend ( the weather looks great) but the downfall is that the girls have not had practice since before easter. not sure how well that is going to work in the mix. the girl gets her report card today and i am going to walk up to school to get it before she goes out with her grandparents. my daughter told me she was having a hard time with me not working and just wants me happy. that makes two of us.

i really want to go see the movie earth this weekend. the girl is going to some sort of festival saturday so hopefully the husband and I can have a date to the movies.

my lupus is maintaining - so no complaints!! well today anyway!