So a little update on the family.

Diesel gave his third successful blood donation and they a say he is already a pro!! I went pick him up early and we were leaving the back when I spotted a rather large golden ret. My gut said keep going because Diesel gets very "funny" around other dogs. But funny I mean --very aggressive. As I hesitated, the lady was talking to him as I was trying to get him to sit (he seemed fine, tail wagging and curiously sniffing the air) I told her that I was not sure cause he can be odd with other dogs, but she wanted to socialize. So i gave in, and let him get closer. Well, he was doing fine and then all of a sudden Diesel turned into Cujo and went CRAZY. It took all my strength to get that dog to back down and move to the other side so he would not bite the dog or the owner. SO i sat him down and apologized and was talking to her about Ripley when he went off again. All the vet techs came running to the front to see what is going on -- and was shocked to see Diesel flipping out. So the bottom line is that i have a closet cujo and need to work on another crappy aspect of his personality.

Ripley is doing fine. Happy, silly and thickheaded!!! He is finally over his stomach ailment and back to happily eating everything in the yard!!! He is starting to get really close with Hannah and constantly looking for her and playing with her. He also is going to lay with her more and more. I hope when I get Hannah a big bed that he will sleep with her. Even though it will break my heart not to have him with me, she has always wanted a dog to sleep with her....

Mike is good. He spent the majority of the weekend building a new deck for my garden shed with rails. It is fab!! He is very pleased with his work. Though, since NCAA09 came out, I think I have lost my handy man for a while...

I am doing ok. I think I have settled into a non-caring mode, which tends to lead to my self destructive side and that is not good. I don't think my HUGE dose of VD is doing anything. I have struggled to actually walk everyday. The mornings are becoming more and more difficult and the drive into work is killing me. I hurt so bad by the time I get out of the car and my legs just refuse to do what I need them to do. I find myself laying down more and more. The pain patches have come in handy but cause so many questions at work and odd stares. I wish they could make this patches in body suit :) My doctor is requiring me to come in more often which is ticking me off cause I don't like going because I am getting those "your test results are abnormal" letters in the mail again and they remind me that my diseases are not slowing down-- they are aggressively moving forward and tapping some new places.
I am just plain tired in a lot pain, which sadly is becoming my norm again.