Love this picture

Joseph has been using this as his AOL IM icon and I love it. Those looks just say so much.
Thinks have been a little crazy at work and home. Starting some new painting projects, finished the deck for my garden shed and purchased all of Hannah's back to school items this weekend. She has had a busy weekend herself, with Alyssa and then three days with her friend Jordyn. I finally sent her to camp today and she was not happy. She is just tired. She is going out with her grandparents tonight and I don't think she has much energy to do anything but eat dinner.
In a little over a month, Hannah begins her final year at Four Seasons. She will be in the fifth grade. I can't believe it. Oh how the time flies. She had a blast picking out her stuff for school.. first pick on everything including a great skull messenger bag (pink of course).
She has been invited to do a couple over nighters with various folks (out of town trips) and she says she really doesn't want to do them. She is changing and deciding for herself what she wants to do and stick to her guns.
The last two weeks before school she will be spending a few days a week with Alyssa and her mom and she is content to do just that.
The dogs are good, a handful per usual but man do we love them. Like right now they are fighting over a turtle when there are like 100 other toys. Brothers.. jeez.
Zoe is not behaving like herself... very bitchy (more so then usual) but I am determined to not let her get the best of me (yet).
That's the update for this week ....