In sickness and in health

I bet you are wondering why I am bringing that up. Well, Mike and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary yesterday (not to be out done by the fact that we have been together for 16+ years). SO I started thinking about those vows and what they truly mean and I focused on the one that have hit closest to home. I wonder if many people really think about that vow and the other ones until it affects them. I wonder if Mike thinks back to the day he officially said I do and ponders the effects of that vow. I often wonder if Mike truly understood what he was getting into when he said I do. One would never think on the happiest day of their life (well second to the birth of Hannah) that those words would ring VERY loudly in his ears. I wonder if he looks at me now and doesn't see that healthy person who said I do right back. now don't get me wrong, he gets glimpses of that girl every now and then, but they are few are far between.
I don't reflect on this that often cause it makes me very sad but I would be stupid not to acknowledge that these diseases have had on my marriage and where it started out and where it is today. I also am truly grateful for that fact that he does take that vow seriously and has stuck by now matter how hard, scary and just plain outright unfair this journey has been.

So on your anniversary -- take a look back and ponder and then move on, cause today is a new day on that journey.