Ok, apparently I can't

stop doing this blog. I was thinking (again) of retiring this little area and step away for a while. So I got some push back and decided I would do it a little while longer. Things have been ok lately. My ego took a huge blow the other day when I did not get a job that I was in the running for -- and it only took 8 months, 12 interviews and some unethical shit to get that phone call.

All those feelings that I had from last year and getting displaced came flooding back and I had to really work hard at not letting myself get down about this one. Looking back, I should have known from the crazy process, the stupid number of interviews, the double cross and non communication that this probably was not the job for me. But I needed to finish the process, I am not a quitter and I had to learn something out of this whole crazy mess. I learned that I have an amazing husband that totally understands and respects me, friends that will hang by my side through thick and thin(I actually think one of them might kill folks for me - or at least severely maim them). I also learned through this process that I need time to deal and move on and my friends so graciously allowed me that. They also are great for my ego -- if it was all up to them... they would hire my butt in a heartbeat and I love them for that. They are always good for a drink ( which I can't anymore since the lupus jumped up and got my kidneys) - so they need to figure out another good treat for me ( hint -- food). And most of all they listen, wipe my tears and tell me I am better off...

Thanks Nicole, Kate, Mark, Joseph, David and most of all Mike --- you are some really great friends... now get off your ass and get me a new job!!! SMILE!