Hard to believe

that almost a year ago I found the house I am living in and a year later I have to interview for a job in my department. Reality just loves to jump right up and smack you in the face every now and again and thank you for that. I miss a lot of things, but today I really missed David. My first official day without him helping me get through the pain of the day -- man that sucks.

Welp hopefully in the next few weeks I will have a job - in or out of my current department. I have gone back to saying little prayers everyday.

I can't thank those around me enough, who have rallied and supported me(hugs, talks and just letting me know they are there) and assisted me getting everything ready for my interviews. And on the other hand, I am shocked at those who I have worked with for years who are acting like nothing has changed. wake up dudes, it has and life is moving on without ya. And this gal ain't your door mat anymore. Jacks!