So I have been in a haze. Focusing on my resume, cover letters and references. Man this is not the easiest time.

So let's see other things, Hannah went to her asthma specialist yesterday and we have agreed to begin another round of testing. She is developing some skin issues (minor), but it could be some changes in her allergies. She does not understand what that means yet, and I don't intend on going there with her until closer to her appointment.

Ripley is getting neutered today, his freaky dewclaw removed and a microchip implanted. He was a mess this morning cause he could not eat. Hopefully he is under now and should be out soon. My little baby!!

Diesel is morphing into a pain in the butt. He is determined to kill or in the least maim Zoe. He is also getting more and more aggressive. It gets bad when he is outside and he just acts like an ass. He has clamped down on my arm a couple of times and it's getting on my nerves. But right now he is on the couch with me, looking like a complete angel - sleeping. I do love him.

Zoe has moved to the endangered list. We are not having any luck resolving her very nasty aggressive issues with both dogs. I can't live with three dogs when they all are attacking each other or walking on egg shells.

I think that's it. More later