Another Picture Day

Today is Hannah's picture day. After I spent some time running the flat iron through it I decided to toss it up in a pony tail. There is no way she would be able to keep it somewhat nice before pictures if I kept it down.

Mike and I sold cookies this week, and I am happy to say thanks to the generosity of his co-workers and mine, we really surpassed her goal of selling 200 boxes. We can't thank you guys enough :) Now her troop will have the money it needs to do what they need to do :)

Zoe did good with her teeth, Mike sealed one canine with resin and we will wait and see. Diesel is a silly boy. He went to work with daddy this morning.

We this is the last few days in the townhome... We move out Monday. Everything is in place for the movers to come at 9 in the morning. Then we move into Fall Ridge Way Tuesday night!! I have been getting all the crazy calls this week for the last push of the paperwork, so everything is in order!! Well that is what they tell me!! We will spend the rest of the weekend packing up the stuff we have been surviving on and sleep in a hotel Monday. I am so ready for this to be done ;)

I missed a happy hour for friends last night because of all this house stuff, they affectionately called me lame. That's ok, they meant it with the best intentions (ha). In our staff meeting they gave me a gift certificate for the new home and Chris McDaniel wrote a great note on purple paper... It made me smile... And made my day. I will pin it up in my new house. Thanks guys, you are the best.