Well this is it, this is my last week at Wentworth Drive. I can't wait for all this to be done. Mike and I are hitting new levels of anxiousness. I got up early this morning (I am pretty sure it is stress from the impending move) and did some more packing. Diesel kept me company. Zoe is peeved because I could not feed her this morning because she is getting her teeth done by dad. I am a little worried about her teeth, she somehow managed to break both her front bottom canines while I was off. I would hate to blame Diesel, but come on.
They guy we are buying the house from called me this weekend and asked if it was ok with us, he was leaving his pool table. I said "ARE U KIDDING?" please -- we would love it!!!
Hannah is selling Girl Scout cookies for her Brownie troop, or shall I say Mike and I are selling cookies. I hate having to do this, but I understand why they need it. On top of that her school sent a fundraiser home, yeah, that went into the trash. They come home every other month. I guess b/c I went to private school I am not used to all the fundraiser, you are lucky if we did one a year. And Hannah's class is always asking for supplies ..... public school .... really does suck your money one way or another.

So I have had my discussions with the breeder, and Diesel's parent's were just bred and the pups would be ready at the 1st of the year. They would all be yellow and I would want a male. Their is already a waiting list, but she was so kind to me, that she said she would move me to the top of the list and that she would love for me to have another. Mikey is moving in that direction, with my begging and pleading. The only issue that I see is the real sticking point is where would the little bugger go everyday, Mike is not sure if he can take the doggie everyday....
hmmm... more pondering...