It is starting to set in...

We took just a few things over to the new house. We just moved our freezer and mini refrig (it has my shots in there) -- I did not want to jinx it by moving tons of other stuff. The former owners are really cool, they were moving out today and let us set that stuff up and plug it in.

Busy day today, I got up early with the dogs and then went to got get a trimy trim trim. Then Mike and I got some eats at the new diner that opened in Crofton. It was alright. I needed the fuel. We have spent most of the day doing the final push packing. CRAZY!!!

I go back to the docs on Monday for a 4 week check up, which will be my routine for a while. I have felt pretty good and the energy level has remained pretty steady except for a few days here and there. Friday was the first time in a while that I had to take meds at work. I did put in a lot of hours this week to make up for next week. Just so much to do!!!

Hannah is at the Ren festival with Brandon and Justin -- it is Pirates weekend and they always go together!!! She has a busy week coming up with the move, spending the night with Alyssa, Brownies meeting, ortho visit and just unpacking. I am sure by Wednesday I will get the Hamster push from her.
Welp I better go back to packing or stressing ... same diff :)