Too much of something

is not necessarily a good thing. I learned that yesterday the hard way. As we all know, I started a new regime of medicine for the lupus diagnosis. Welp, yesterday I had a rather unsettling reaction to the new pain meds they told me take at night. My speech became slurred and my calfs were in knots. It just kept getting worse. I tried to eat, it would get a little better then it would get worse. So finally I went home. NO, I did not drive (was scared) -- Sandy took me home (thank god for Sandy). I still feel a little odd, but not like yesterday. So last night, I did not take my shot or my doses of the planquenil or benedryl. SO I guess I will do them tonight, hate my shot.

Zoe has stopped eating (well for three days, that would be six meals for her) so I took her out last night and let her roll all over the floor and walk a little bit. She was very happy. Then she ate for me :)

Hannah started Day Camp, and is VERY happy cause she is with Brandon everyday. Ha.. she may have competition. Karen's daughter was a little anamored with him on Saturday. But with that being said, I am pretty sure Hannah would take her out if she tried :) Bad mom....