Party, Party, Party

So yesterday was Hannah's Party, which lasted all day long. First, Libby Lu's for a fabulous makeover and dance routine. In between they got to stuff bags full of goodies. Instead of putting them up here (well not all of them) -- I thought I would share this way, so if you wanna see Hannah and her friends at Libby Lu's, click here.
After that, we took them to lunch, blockbuster and then home to settle down before everyone else came over. That did not work. So finally everyone came and the chaos ensued. Lots of soda, chips, cake and ice cream and the girls were wound up tighter then a drum. Mike did fireworks and then the rain came, so everyone ran into my house and we stayed there and chatted, drank and ate until 11 or so. Man I was tired..

BTW, Zoe's surgery went ok. It did not go as planned and what needed to be corrected was not her cruciate. But she is doing good and stuck in the kennel again on lots of meds. The one good thing about her surgery was that the recovery time is less, 6-8 weeks instead of 16 weeks.

It has been raining all day long so it was a good day to chill and relax, which we all needed. And well the grass and everything else needed the rain.

Enjoy the Hannah glam shots :) She is beautiful!!