Diesel is lonely. He is not going to vet today with Dad and can't figure out why. It is because Zoe is having her surgery today, so only one dog at a time. I am going to go up and watch around 10:30. I took Diesel for a walk last night and he got scared hysterical when two dogs approached him, I mean he was SCREAMING like a baby!! I felt so bad for him. I am not sure why he reacted that way cause he around dogs all the time. werid.

Hannah is sleeping, I am going to get her up soon. She starts camp on Monday. Her birthday party is tomorrow at Libby Lu's and then cake and ice cream in the evening and the hopefully we can chill on Sunday. No open houses this weekend.

Mike bought more fireworks last night and keeps lighthing them off, now you know our neighbors have gotta hate us.

I am still so happy right now!!