So thank gosh it is Friday. After my fiasco with the narcotics (totally legal) -- I slowy but surely came back around to being myself :) I don't know how people do it, why they like it -- that was the WORSE feeling ever!!!! So on Wednesday, I rushed home, got my pills and my shot ready for Mike. I waited, waited and waited and he just was not ready to give me the shot. I finally wore him down. By Thursday morning, I was moving a little better and by today, I took my normal pain killer and I am back on track. I never thought I would look forward to my shot or beg my husband to give it to me (get your minds out of the gutter people). The only lingering travestity is that I am not sleeping through the night. But I will take it over that "slurred speech" episode any day. So back to the drawing board. Patience will now come into play with me and it is something I am not very good at ( I know, imagine that!).

Hannah is still doing good at day camp, but that will wear off soon. She was going on a field trip today and was SOOOO looking forward to it that we went early!!

Now my Diesel. What hoot that dog is!! He is not like my other dogs. When he gets up in the morning, he is up for the day. Which totally makes my morning alittle more "spicy" to say the least. He loves to lay on the bed and get involved with my make-up application. So you know me, I apply make up on his face and he LOVES the brushes. He tries SO HARD to eat them. Then he gets all excited and tries to get into my lap. So when he can't do that, he gets my towel and starts nibbleing on it and fluffling it up. And if you are a pet owner, you know what that means. So as I try to get stern with him and tell him to settle, I totally get overwhelmed with how handsome this dog truely is and then I start getting him all riled up again, which would be fine if Mike was not trying to sleep. Then I start kissing him, rubbing his belly and just squeezing his face. I know, bad mom.

Now to poor Zoe, still stuck in the kennal and totally freaking out. So tonight, she will be in my room. I can not have her WHINNING and DROOLING all night long. Only 5 more weeks of this crap. I feel sooo bad for her.

Ok, so I am tired and got an open house tomorrow so I have alot to do tonight.