Another day without

my girl. She is having a BLAST. Aunt Denise took her shopping today and bought her an early b-day gift. A game for her DS. I miss her.

Welp, we had a realtor come through today and she is bringing her client in tomorrow. We also have another showing tomorrow in the am. SO I rushed around tonight doing cleaning ... again. This is going to be hard to keep up with, but sooo worth it if we get that house. I was looking at pictures of the new house that I took at the home inspection last week, and I am so in love!! I wanna start planning things out, but don't want to get my hopes up.

Open house Saturday.

Diesel is adjusting very well to his new collar. He is not getting the shock part really at all. We hope to just do it with the beep noise.

Zoe got her first adequan injection... she is PISSED.

Arrangements were made for Hannah's b-day celebration, well the girls part is done :) They are going to Libby Lu's for a makeover..then lunch, then movie and then cake and icecream at the house.

I am tired and had the STRANGEST bout of nausea tonight ... I am ready for bed.