What's a Mom to do?

Without her Hannah. So she called me tonight, not long after I got home. She sounded so happy and relaxed!!! I miss her terribly and told her that. She talked with Zoe for a minute and then told me to have Dad call her when she got in so she could talk with Diesel (she actually calls him Deedel -- she thinks its funny and cute ).

I am getting ready to get my lovely shot (this shit I have to look forward to is INCREDIBLE). Diesel is chewing on his new toy and Zoe is lying under my chair hiding from Diesel. I got her more meds today and Mike is going to give injections of Adequan two times a week.

I have been thinking all day about my friend Jen (cavendish) who got a call today that her 9 year lab has lymphoma. She was taking him to get an ultrasound and I am hoping and praying that she has some good news. I do know that lymphoma has a good success rate with chemo and radiation. We are all praying for Owen!!!! Diesel & Zoe send smooches!! Now it's my turn to give you that hug!!!...