Lovely Day

Gosh, it was beautiful yesterday and today is starting off just the same way. The only thing that stinks about it is that I can't open the windows cause of Hannah's asthma and allergies. So believe it or not I had to turn on the ac last night to get the house to cool down for the dogs and everyone else because it was almost 80.

I went out with friends after work to celebrate my birthday. We hit a new place for the appetizer specials and I have say I am hooked. The wings and all the other goodness was perfect and on $1.95. I was excited because Mikey joined us as well. But by 8:00 I was ready to come home. I was tired and a little achey from getting up early and running around all day. I think the guys were a little disappointed at my early departure, but hey I can only go for so long. I ended up driving home and Mike fell asleep before 10 :) He was exhausted himself. I was up again at 5 and tried to watch some TV.

I am not sure what we will be doing for my actual b-day tomorrow... but I really want some of Mike's chili. I am pretty sure I will get it, now whether I share it or not is another situation entirely.