So I had a really good birthday. I got everything I wanted -- the new slvr phone (LOVE IT), 32 inch LCD flat panel TV for my bedroom (that was a gift to myself), flowers, food and I went shopping for clothes (yet again).
I got a green light from the doctors yesterday (that was a yucky five days of stress I would never like to repeat again). I also took Hannah to get sealants on her teeth yesterday -- she was such an amazing trooper!!! I could not believe how calm she was while she had two people in her mouth doing work. I pick up Onyx's remains yesterday and I have to say I am relieved to have him home (I know that sounds morbid and werid- but he is my boy).
Diesel got neutered last week and had his microchip implated and none of it phased him, except now he has like four tags hanging off his neck - name tag, rabies tag, home again tag and AKC canine recovery tag. Man does he jingle. When Dr. Golden go him up on the table and realized how much Diesel weighed at 6 months (50+ lbs) -- he told Mike what we already suspected: He would probably tip the scales at 90+ lbs full grown. Gotta love big dogs.
The weather has been nice, but just like DC weather, we are suppose to dip back down into the 30's tomorrow night. Geez-- no wonder everyone is sick.

We have MeeMaw's 90th birthday celebration this weekend --- what an amazing women.

see ya...