Without a Trace

that was my energy this weekend .. without a trace. So I ordered the complete first season (22 episodes) of "Without A Trace" and watched them all while I was and still am fighting this cold. I got turned on to the show in the last two weeks since all my other shows were repeats and figured I could watch something new. So last monday I got on Amazon and bought it used for 20 bucks. Excellent purchase and it has me craving to get the rest of the seasons but they are not out yet. But now I know the story lines :) I also got turned onto Cold Case but they are not out on DVD so I got catch up the hard way - watching them when they come on and out of order :( Oh well ...

So my co-worker got his puppy -- www.angrydome.com -- her name is Willow and she is precious. I can't wait to meet her :)