Thanks for Blaming me ..... :)

So I just read my co-workers blog - www.angrydome.com- which specifically blames me for the family getting a new puppy. HA. Now that is funny. I guess if you gotta blame someone, why not blame me. I mean I do write about my obsession quite often. But it's not just an obsession with me -- it has always been a dream to work with dogs and always be around them. I LOVE DOGS!!!! The closest I get is my husband, Mike. He gets to be with them all day long and GET PAID FOR IT!!! I was meant to have dogs in my life ( ALL THE TIME) and to spoil them rotten :) Enjoy more pictures of D.

My russian roulette with my meds did not go in my favor. I now have some sort of sinus infection or flu. MY ENTIRE BODY HURTS LIKE HELL. So to cover all my basis -- I am taking lots of cold medicine ( a variety) and pain killers so I don't feel a thing most of the time. But when they wear off-- GOOD GOOGLIE MOOGLIE -- I feel like I have been run over by a MAC truck.

Must go watch Idol and see who gets booted.