Finally, a moment!

I just got home from work and picking up Hannah and I think I have a moment to breath. Work is going well, well...kinda. It's work, right?

Mike is doing OK. I think still down but throwing himself into work and dealing with Mr. Diesel now. He is having a pissing problem. And the problem is that he can't control it and where. So they are running test and putting him on antibiotics. He actually had a nasty test or shall I say cleaning done today :(

Onyx is Onyx. We have upped his pain meds to 2 pills 2xs aday. So he appears "stoned" all the time, which is not a bad thing. I am pretty sure he is still feeling the pain. The tumor on his kneeish area is getting so big and making walking more difficult. I wish we could cut it out, but we can't.

Zoe is going crazy -- Diesel is feeling "manly" lately and is out for some ZOE. So last night I let Zoe sleep with Hannah to try and get some sleep. I am not sure if she actually did because I am sure Hannah tortured her with some doll clothes and forts. What do I do?

Alas -- me. I am going to go back on my shots tonight. The skin infection is still there but I think it is holding at bay but the RA is rearing her ugly head and walking is getting to be a chore and the FATIGUE is killing me (it could just be the stress of everything) -- so I am going to play a little russian roulette and take the shot and hope my skin infection does not get worse. If not I am off to the doctors for crappy tests again.

We are beginning to look at houses because we have decided we wanna move into a bigger house. Mike is all over this like you would not believe. I am picky. I know what I want, now let's see if I can get it. Hannah just thinks two things: she can get a bigger room and get another dog. I wonder who she takes after :)

Enjoy American Idol tonight.. I can't wait!!