Early Bird

So I went to bed early last night b/c of this cold. Yesterday I was doing pretty good until about 3 and then I puttered out but made it until 4. The traffic was HORRIBLE on the way home due to a car-b-que on route 50. Then once Mike got home, I told him I noticed something odd about Onyx, so we were back in the car going to the vet. We did not get home until 7:30. Then I got back on line to finish so work from a rather shitty day in the office. Then Mike and I compiled some questions for Hannah's guidance counselor that we are seeing this morning and then I was off to bed. And now I am up very EARLY blogging -- what the hell is the matter with me? Don't answer that, because I am pretty sure I am up on that answer.

Diesel is getting big and loves to find a patch of sunshine to lay on. Here are some pictures from Saturday.