My Buddy

I can't tell you how funny it is to have a dog (puppy) sit there and watch you take a bath, but that is what I had this morning. I was trying to shoo him out so I could have alone time , but he wanted to stay. I figured if I ignored him he would not pay attention. But he caught me staring at him from the the tub at that was it. He just sat there with his head mostly on the side of the tub and was trying to lick the soap off my arm. Then he got brave and stood on the side of the tub ... which could have been a scary thing if he slipped. You could so tell he wanted to jump in and it took everything ounce of restraint on his part not to do it. Then when I got out and sat at the vanity, he has now taken to sitting right next to me to watch everything I do and occasionally try to get on my lap to smell or bite my makeup. He makes me giggle when he tries to bite my make up powder puff... but I guess it is kind of irritating to him when I try to put it on his nose :)

no pictures today -- well not yet. I am now counting down to his snip day... 4 more days and counting.