Vikings fire Tice after season-ending win -- another good day of football. GB and SF won their final games. I am anxious to see if GB fires Sherman and if Favre retires -- I hope he doesn't.
Hannah spent the day at the Fosters -- having fun. Mike and I watched Football all day --- he is very happy that the redskins won and now are in the playoffs. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell ya -- I got Mike the siruis boombox so he could listen to the last green bay game :)
I some how (yet again) hurt my wrist-- so it is wrapped and I started back on painkillers.
The dogs are good. Diesel just hit 16 weeks and is well over 30 lbs. Onyx is getting fat( he gets to have whatever he wants) and just got put on some NICE painkillers (I might have to snag one :) and Zoe is good -- feisty as ever.