I am glad I still can laugh

so it was my first day back to work and it was a good day. The only downfall -- legs not quite up to par :)
It was a long day for me - Diesel and I got up at 5 and when I was in the bathroom he was laying next to me and all of a sudden this huge yellow puddle started growing out from under him (yes he was laying down). So there it started :) DORK WAD!!!!!! He got mad at me because after he went out and ate breakfast he was put in the kennal so I could take a bath. He wanted to play around and try to attack me in the bathtub. Not a good time to bother me, this is my only quite time of the day.

Hannah is eating her fast food (tuesday) -- McDonalds was the request of the day. She wanted to know why I was sooo late picking her up (20 minutes) traffic was bad and I had to pick up dinner and Wedding Crashers :)

No news about Favre today... that is a good thing.

I got some friendly advice today that made me giggle (that's a good thing) -- that I need to probably exercise . Sure -- I will jump right on that. Right after I work, take care of a child, three dogs, a houshold and a husband. I do the best that I can -- but it still makes me giggle.
Here is a picture of Hannah and I taken about 4 years ago -- that makes me smile too :)