Constant Turmoil

So I think we made it thru the 60 inches of snow... not with out a fall or two by me. That really hurt.

I am having a little problem ( my constant turmoil) -- most of medications are immune suppressant drugs and so when I get the slightest cut it is like playing Russian roulette to take my medications. I have had sooooo many staph infections, strep and infections in my lymph nodes in my head in neck from playing this game. The problem is that if I go to long without my meds, thing start spiraling out of control. Last time I developed the worst case of vasculitis and it took soo long and so much medication to get back on track. Right now I have what appears (yeah, not 100% sure) to be a patch of eczema on my leg and yes I keep scratching it (regardless the fact i have put anti-itch cream on it every day) and now it is an open wound. So i have been with out certain meds for a while and so some lupus issues are popping up .. more skin related then anything but man it gets me worried. So I have been keeping up with my Plaquenil, folic acid, vitamin d, benedryl (I break out in hives like you would not believe) but I am behind on MTX and Humira. My pain meds are taken as needed, but has not effect on my immune system so I don't count them.

What's a girl to do except live in constant turmoil.... damnit