weather changes

whew... these weather changes can be deadly. one minute it is 19 degrees and the next it is almost 60. that is a lot for one to deal with.

today was good -- only one issue and that was the puppies. they have no respect for me (which is werid) and I think that has a lot to do withmy conditions. they know i am the weak one. well anyway, they get SO FIRED up when it is time to go out and they beat the shit out of the little girl that i have to get involved. the big boy, ripley loves to jump up and down on her back (she is a pembroke welsh corgi) and he is a 95++ lbs yellow lab-- well today he cam down on my hand and dug in. OUCH. i just kept yelling at them saying "are you happy now that i am bleeding?" they did not care, they were hauling ass around the yard trying to keep pace. dogs, i love them.

there have been a lot of changes as well for my little girl. well not so little anymore. she is changing every day, growing up and learning to deal with the emotions of her flakey ass friends and her own emotions. my gray hair is making a MASSIVE takeover. everyday it is something new -- she won't talk to me, she this, she that, someone threw a pencil at me, middle school is hard, i had to learn about boy parts today and that made me uncomfortable. yes, all this flies out of her mouth. she asked about binging and purging yesterday because of health class -- UUGGHHH!!! 6th grade can not get over fast enough!

anyway, just wanted to post since i have been so lazy about it... that's me today and that is what the picture represents!!