frustration from lack of support

i am get more and more amazed how little respect autoimmune diseases get. i mean really. most of these diseases that fall into this category are treated with chemotherapy drugs, immuno-suppressants, steroids, biologics and so many other drugs that are used to treat cancer and yet we have NO NEW advancements in MEDs in over 50 years. to say we suffer in silence is an understatement. we get the short end of the stick cause most of the time we don't look sick. but autoimmune diseases are nasty and they do kill. we need to spread the word, educate, inform, speak up and get involved. i, for one, don't want to and can't afford to wait another 50 years for a new med!! that is ridiculous. i admire what LFA and other chapters are doing and that is a great start, but so much more can be done to push Lupus and other diseases to the forefront. We need more attention in the media, we need more of a presence in the social networking aspect and we need support from lawmakers.

i am tired of not enough being done. we can and should make a difference -- our family and our future depends on it...