got some health insurance and ordered a boat load of meds to day and last night. finally, amen, thank you jesus. well actually thank you MG. one thing crossed off my list, now on to a full time job.

i also purchased a sweater for 2.83 --- WOW what a bargain :) I spent a good amount of my time yesterday organizing my closets and doing work for a dr on the web. that can be a little lonely.

i have got to get better about eating before i go to my gig -- that is too long to go without food. i am tired today and my legs don't quite agree with how long i was on them today. but i am ok and thankful for another day.

oh yeah and I also started putting in motion the soccer party, the invitations, set a scrimmage for saturday and did a little fund raising for the team trophies .... not bad