where did that time go (this week)

well my weeks are going by quickly. in about two weeks the girl will graduate, or how they say in public school - bridge. to me she is going to the 6th grade. not bridging. i went to private school all my life and we had a kindergarten graduation, eight grade grad and then the REAL one. not this prek grad, kid grad, 5th grad and god know what else. i think she is excited, she has her dress, shoes and family has been invited. i think i am in more shock that my girl is turning 11 soon. where did time go? that for a much different time and different blog.

i have had a full week, working more then scheduled and paying for it dealing with very painful legs and arms. but at this point i am emotionally feeling sooo much better that i can deal with the pain -- i can manage it now. i have noticed a change in me - less negative, not so stand-offish and wanting to reach out and be with folks. i finally plugged the phones back in. yes, i have had them unplugged for a good three weeks. so this is a pretty big step for me. the boy pushed me to start dealing with all the other stuff and i think i am ready. i just need to find that job --

the puppies are doing well. they have served many purposes thru this journey. they have helped me stay up beat, gave me a reason to get out of bed after the girl went to school cause they HAD to go out. they have put up with me being out of it, cranky and very (VERY) needy. i have been teaching them how to pull me up from the couch since that is becoming more and more difficult and they are learning but not quite there yet. i have bugged them, poked them, chased them, hugged and kissed them so much that they won't do anything without me. most of the time they need me to feed them, take them out and just be in their presence. not a good place since others need to be able to do these things - not just me. but man, i am so grateful they have been around in my darkest hours.

the girl traded in her ds and a boat load of games today to get the new Nintendo dsi - she traded in so much it only cost her 37 smackaroos. she was very excited so that made me jump for joy.

well tomorrow is a day off and i hope i feel well enough to get a few things done around the house and not just sleep-- but the weather does not look promising.