another weekend down

not a bad one either. we had our scrimmage yesterday and the girls did pretty good for playing against a co-ed, older team. they got the practice they needed and looked like they knew what they were doing most of the time :) they score only one goal, but my girl set up the point and was excellent in all her positions. the game were canceled today and she was disappointed. we hope to do more scrimmages as the seasons moves on.

i feel good, no major FLARES. still concerning me is the vasculitis. it is appearing in larger, more painful areas of my hands and i hope i can get it resolved soon. the tingling sensation has subsided and feel my strength and stamina returning.

i am working a couple of days this week which I am excited about, my only hope is that i line something up more substantial soon.

my lupus/ra lesson of the week... things can only get better!!!