support support - everywhere

i have been a blogger for about 4 years, mostly just blogging about my life with my daughter. recently i changed my focus because i really needed an avenue to find support and to hear words of encouragement from those who suffer the same diagnosis as myself. i have been so surprised at the response and the feedback. i appreciate and have come to love seeing the comments from others dealing and living with lupus. i need it. it's not an addiction (yet) but could become one. i never thought it was necessary to talk to those who suffer the same thing - just was not my thing. i could not have been more wrong. it is important to know that i am not alone, that things do get better and to know there are folks out there i can reach out to if i need a shoulder. i am usually the one doling out advice - dogs, webs, computers and such. never have i been on the receiving end. not an easy role for me to transition into, but i am sliding in nicely.

so to those who have stopped by and offered support, words of wisdom and encouragement -- THANK YOU!!! you have made each day bearable in this tough time and just knowing that u are there makes me feel a little safer in my insane, lupus filled world.