reading reading reading

searching for a job is a full time job. i never imagined in my wildest dreams it being so difficult. i know times are tough. I get up everyday and scour the internet, email and blogs to see what is available. rack my brain to come up with a clever cover letter to make me stand out and fill out tons of online applications and go through there 45 minute process to sign up. god knows i am trying.

staying optimistic is a full time job as well. it really is. there are only so many ways to pump yourself up when you haven't heard a word. but i do, i keep chugging along.

words of wisdom would go well right about now with a side of opportunity. i need to stay strong, focused and in a good frame of mind.

i keep getting encouraging messages from a dear friend and they really help. something will come, i just want it sooner then later.

now, another day gone and 45 more applications processed.