april fools

ha, it's all over the Internet -- happy april fools day!! just another day to play a practical joke on somebody and no matter how bad, be totally forgiven for it. blah blah blah...

the weather here is dreary and drizzling. not the best weather for anybody. i am snuggled up on the couch trying desperately to get warm and not winning that battle. i made hot tea and layered my clothing. my bones are COLD. i was surprised to a nice day with a friend and my husband came home early so we could walk to school and pu the girl. i love it when he comes home early.

so i do have to comment on american idol from last night -- why is it every time these kiddies get to pick songs from any genre they screw it up. Megan Joy's version of "Turn the Lights Down Low" was so painful and god awful, I totally forgot why she was in the top 9. Why can't she just freaking do Amy W or Duffy and see if she can sing? everybody "thinks" she has that potential, just freaking do it and get it over with? i was extremely disappointed with 90% of the performances. one savior for the night - kris allen doing his version of "ain't no sunshine when she's gone." nicely done . i would love to see him do john mayer. that's my two cents worth.