a little journey for zoe

so i decided to take my little zoe for a walk today to pick up my daughter from school. she is a pembroke welsh corgi and needed the exercise. she is very easy going and loves attention. but she is very focused on me. so we walked up to school to wait for the girl and then found her at the front doing her school safety duties. i was two steps away from her when i got snagged by a crotchety guidance counselor that felt the need to tell me i could not bring my dog to school. never mind that there are always dogs up at school and they are always bigger then my dog, what a hag. so i told hannah to leave her post and let's take the long way home. zoe did not appreciate the walk at all. the long way exposed her to zooming cars, a girl who wanted to walk her but the dog was focused on me behind them and then tons of broken glass on the ground. i then proceeded to quickly pick up this dense dog and carry her for a while so she would not get cut, needless to say she has been irritated with me since.

not sure i am going to do that again for a while...