i can't tell you how excited i am every week on fridays. that means i made it another week. i am not sure how i do it, but i keep pushing through. my health is hanging. this week was kind of tough -- chest seems to flutter a lot (like i get the wind knocked out of me) and my legs are not liking the severe changes in the weather. the chest thing makes me nervous. i think i have a doc appt coming up, but i can't remember and usually get a phone call reminder -- oh well.

soccer games commence this weekend and duties for me begin. i have everything ready - uniforms separated out for each kid in a bag, raffle tickets, contracts, team money collection and rosters to turn in. whew, fun!

i just got my 3rd mtx shot at home, the seem to be going well. i am just a little disappointed that i am not 100%, but i am thinking that has a lot to do with other items then what is going on inside.

having lupus really does suck, somebody asked me the other day if that was like cancer.